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M.K. Sbaiti​

Storyboard Artist - Animator - Illustration

I'm M. Khalil Sbaiti from Italy, living in Milan, specialize in creating visually captivating works of art, Story and illustration. I graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2021, where I studied photography, illustration, graphic design and animation. My studies have given me a deep understanding of the visual arts and a passion for bringing my ideas to life. I believe that creating something that was once just an idea is truly magical and I strive to capture that magic in my work.

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Project and Work

Cassy on the Stars

As a 3D Character Animator for "Cassy on the Stars," I brought life to the enchanting world of Rai Fiction and StudioRain. I animated Cassy, a determined young girl aspiring to be an astronaut like her mother. Through my skills, I contributed to a heartwarming and inspiring narrative that encouraged viewers to embrace their dreams. It was a rewarding experience to be part of a production that left a positive impact on audiences of all ages.


Not Just Music

As a 3D character animator for Not Just Music, an animation company, I was responsible for creating, fixing, and helping with the animation of the upcoming movie, "PAPmusic Animation for Fashion". My role involved animating characters through keyframe animation. I collaborated with the rest of the animation team to ensure that the characters' movements were in line with the overall style and vision of the movie. I also helped the animation team troubleshoot and fix any issues that arose during the animation process. My work on this project allowed me to improve my skills in 3D character animation and to be part of a great team creating a movie that will be released in 2023.




As an Illustrator for SVIRE, I was responsible for creating visually engaging content for the company's website. I also created the company's new logo (GLOW), which became the visual representation of the company. My role required me to have a strong understanding of design principles, typography and color theory as well as being able to create illustrations that were coherent with the company's branding and messaging. Through this work, I was able to develop my skills in illustration and graphic design, and contribute to the company's visual identity.

Crown Chaser

as a 3D character animator for the game, Crown Chaser, I was responsible for animating and rigging all the characters in the game. This included creating realistic movement and bringing characters to life through the use of keyframe animation. Additionally, I also rigged the characters for optimal movement and control. My role required me to have a deep understanding of animation principles and techniques as well as being able to work within the constraints of the game engine. Through this work, I gained valuable experience in the animation industry and was able to improve my skills in the field.

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